Radix Accounting

A strong accounting core is the root of a successful business foundation. Radix exists to allow our clients to build the best business possible and we provide expertise in two industries: craft beverage and creative services. We offer integrated accounting service - one point of contact for bookkeeping, payroll, contract CFO service, and tax preparation and planning. 


The Basics




We can learn from the past, but it does us no good if we don't put it into practice for the future. Goals are dreams with deadlines, and budgeting is the first step to setting your dream in motion. 

Get some clarity in your crystal ball. Curious if now's the right time to invest in a new piece of equipment? If you opened a second location what would that do to the bottom line? Financial projections give you a very probable answer to life's "what if"s. And if you find yourself shopping for a line of credit, banks will often request projections. We can help!

Special Projects

Got a rat's nest? Fortunately for you, that's right up our alley. We delight in making sense out of nonsense.

According to the AICPA, a typical business loses 5% to fraud each year, and reported frauds last about 18 months before being detected. Finding the hole in your bucket is a lot easier if you have appropriate internal controls in place. We'll guide you to best practices that will minimize the exposure for loss.